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Reading at PMGHS

Reading at PMGHS

Reading is immensely valuable and extremely enjoyable; at Preston Muslim Girls High School, we celebrate and enjoy reading at every opportunity.

There is extensive research which shows the many benefits of reading:

Every subject has a reading-rich curriculum, which increases background knowledge and cultural capital. Our aim is for every pupil to increase in their confidence and fluency in reading whilst at PMGHS. We foster a culture of reading around school, in every classroom, with every teacher. We want our pupils to have a curiosity for reading new fiction and to explore the world around them through both non-fiction and fiction.

We know our pupils well, and we know about their different reading abilities. We do not want any pupil to be left behind in their reading, so we identify gaps in reading skills quickly and intervene so that every pupil leaves school reading either at or above their chronological age. Our aim is to build an outstanding reading school.

Every teacher is a teacher of reading.

Reading is part of every subject to ensure our pupils are provided with every opportunity to read and develop both personally and academically.  These opportunities help our pupils to become more fluent and aid their comprehension. Every subject has a recommended wider reading section which details the different subject specific books that are recommended.

Reading is not confined to lessons. Click on the tabs for information on how we encourage and inspire our pupils to read.

Every pupil has a dedicated form period to engage in their own choice of private reading. The school librarian delivers a box of books to each designated form room to ensure pupils always have access to a range of books and encourage wider reading for pleasure.

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