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Parents’ Guide To Safe Internet

Parents’ Guide To Safe Internet

Please follow the link below to find further and up to date information regarding Online Safeguarding. There is a wealth of information, such as, The Children’s Commissioner – Digital 5 A Day Campaign, UK Safer Internet Centre information, Playing Minecraft Safely, YouTube Kids App and much more.

Lancashire Safeguarding Information

The internet has become an integral part of our life and our pupil’s lives. The majority of families now have a computer (or two) in their homes and may use the internet for finding out information, communicating with family and friends and for learning new things.

Just as you want to keep your child safe in the real world, you will want to do the same in the virtual world. It is important that we understand enough about the internet to keep our children safe from harm but it is equally important that we equip our children with the skills they need to keep themselves safe so they can experience the internet positively and responsibly.

We deliver a range of e-safety activities for our learners throughout the year. These activities celebrate the positives of the internet, and raise awareness of the issues that children and young people face online today.  We encourage parents to discuss the importance of Safer Internet use with their daughters.

Children start using computers from a very early age and are increasingly using the internet more and more whether it is at home, in school, on mobile devices or games console. With this in mind, Internet Safety and knowing how to help protect children and young people online is essential.

In school we believe that internet safety education is a crucial element of the curriculum and an essential part of the development of all young people’s development. The information provided on this site is designed to help parents become more aware of the safety messages that their daughter receives in school so they can be reinforced at home.

Parents Guide to Social Media Platforms

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