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Our Commitment

Our Commitment

PMGHS promises excellence to every parent or carer who chooses to send their daughter to our school. The school will continue to promote the highest aims and expectations in the following ways:

Highly qualified staff

We believe that the most effective learning goes hand-in-hand with the most inspirational teaching, which is why our teachers are some of the best in the business. They are highly motivated and benefit from extensive training and continued professional development. This support means they deliver the very best outcomes for students, helping them to reach their potential.

High Expectations

We have the highest of expectations of our students. We expect all students to attend school on time every day, ready to learn and achieve.

Our school provides safe, focused, and happy environments for learning. Outstanding behaviour improves students’ capacity to learn. We implement our behaviour policy healthily and consistently across the school. Our student code of conduct sets out the high standards of behaviour that we expect. We are positive when our students behave well but have clear consequences for misbehaviour and a zero tolerance of bullying, abusive or discriminatory language and violence. All adults in our schools model the positive behaviour we expect of our students. Equally, we expect our parents to reinforce these behaviours at home.

our curriculum

Our curriculum is broad and balanced, with an emphasis on academic success. Our schools prioritise learning in Literacy, Numeracy, Languages, Humanities and Science. Our curriculum is both coherent and cumulative, with an emphasis on the critical importance of knowledge acquisition. Our students are required to read extensively from a broad range of high quality and increasingly challenging literary and technical material across all disciplines.

teaching, tracking, and intervention

We have the highest expectations of every child. Every child at our school has their progress closely observed to ensure they are always meeting their – and our – high expectations. After each assessment, targets are set for every student and appropriate interventions and personalised support is directed. Targets are regularly reviewed and revised in accordance with the student’s achievement.


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