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Media Updates

Meet our Media Prefects

Head – Khadijah Patel
Assalamu Alaikum, we are delighted to be your media prefects at PMGHS. Our role is to keep you updated on recent news and upcoming events, whether that be to do with the school or even what's going on in the outside world. This will be done through weekly media powerpoints and even our own PMGHS radio! We hope that our updates are interesting and informative for the pupils so they have an understanding of what’s really going on. Jzk
Khadijah Patel
Media Prefect
Deputy – Aaliya Idrees Patel
Assalumu Alaikum, we feel so privileged to be your media prefects. We feel like the role is a tough one, but we are up for that challenge. We will try to make the weekly news PowerPoints and PMGHS radio as informative as possible, whilst making you laugh here and there. We wish to keep you up to date with local, national and international news. We hope that our news interests everyone and helps you understand the world around us. Jkl
Aaliya Idress Patel
Deputy Media Prefect

Media Presentation WC 17/04/23

Media Presentation WC 06/03/23

Media Presentation WC 12/12/22

Media Presentation WC 21/11/22

Media Presentation WC 07/11/22

Media Presentation WC 21/03/22

Media Presentation WC 28/03/22

Media Presentation WC 25/04/22

Media Presentation WC 09/05/22

Media Presentation WC 23/05/22

Media Presentation WC 23/05/22

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