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Preston Muslim High School teaches Relationships and Sex Education as part of our PSHE programme. Please see the draft policy and long term plan for further detail.

Our objectives in teaching RSE are:


To develop in pupils, the following attitudes and virtues:
  • respect for the dignity of every human being – in their own person and in the person of others;
  • joy in the goodness of the created world and their own bodily natures;
  • responsibility for their own actions and a recognition of the impact of these on others;
  • celebrating the gift of life-long, self-giving love;
  • recognising the importance of marriage and family life;
  • recognising and valuing their own sexual identity and that of others;
  • reverence for the gift of human sexuality and fertility;
  • fidelity in relationships.
To develop in pupils, the following personal and social skills:
  • making sound judgements and good choices which have integrity, and which are respectful of each individual’s personal commitments;
  • loving and being loved, and the ability to form friendships and loving, stable relationships free from exploitation, abuse, and bullying;
  • managing emotions within relationships, and when relationships break down, managing these with confidence, sensitivity, and dignity;
  • managing conflict positively and recognising the value of difference;
  • cultivating humility, mercy, and compassion;
  • learning to forgive and be forgiven;
  • developing self-esteem and confidence, demonstrating self-respect and empathy for others;
  • building resilience and the ability to resist unwanted pressures, recognising the influence and impact of the media, internet, and peer groups, and thus developing the ability to assess pressures and respond appropriately;
  • being patient, delaying gratification and learning to recognise the appropriate stages in the development of relationships, and how to love chastely;
  • assessing risks and managing behaviours in order to minimise the risk to health and personal integrity.
To know and understand:
  • Islamic teaching on relationships and the nature and meaning of sexual love;
  • Islamic teaching on marriage and the importance of marriage and family life;
  • the centrality and importance of virtue in guiding human living and loving;
  • the physical and psychological changes that accompany puberty;
  • the facts about human reproduction, how love is expressed sexually and how sexual love plays an essential and sacred role in procreation;
  • how to manage fertility in a way which is compatible with their stage of life, their own values, and commitments, including an understanding of the difference between natural family planning and artificial contraception;
  • how to keep themselves safe from sexually transmitted infections and how to avoid unintended pregnancy, including where to go for advice.

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