Year 10 trip to The Lowry Theatre- 19th May 2016

On Thursday, 19th May our year 10 GCSE students had the opportunity to see the award-winning National Theatre Company’s production of JB Priestley’s ‘An Inspector Calls’, a tense, gripping performance that had all our girls on the edge of their seats!

Set in the industrious economy of 1912, we follow the story of the wealthy and prosperous Birling family as their comfortable way of life is turned upside-down. When the family are questioned in turn about their role in a young girl’s suicide by the mysterious Inspector Goole, the family learns about the importance of social responsibility- making all of us examine our consciences.

We left school at 12:00, and a short drive down the motorway later we arrived at the Lowry Theatre in Salford, Manchester- a huge, colourful building with 3 theatres. Students then had time to eat, sit down, and get ready for the production ahead- and buy ice cream of course! When it came time to watch the production, we filed into the magnificent Lyric theatre, and as the curtain went up the stage was set- a house, on a platform, a cobbled street, and a lamp post. The house itself was centre stage, and was used for explosive effect! The actors were wonderful, conveying the intensity and emotion of the characters and themes perfectly, completely absorbing the audience into the play. Our students were particularly perceptive, with some commenting on the way that costumes were used to convey themes, symbolise the change in characters or represent the ideas of the playwright himself.

One hour and forty five minutes later, we were boarding the coach for the return journey back to school. Our students were buzzing with new ideas, new interpretations, and a new appreciation and understanding of the play. Their behaviour was, as always, impeccable, setting a perfect example of modesty, respect, and maturity. All in all, the trip was an overwhelmingly enriching experience- and we hope to run more theatre trips in the future!

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