Year 10 Geography Trip

Year 10 GCSE Geography students carried out their Controlled Assessment fieldwork data collection trip on Friday 1st May 2015. The students have been studying rivers and must carry out an investigation to test a hypothesis about the changes in the rate of erosion along a river’s course. In order to do this we went to study several sights along the River Brock which flows through Wadeccar Activity Camp in Goosnargh. With the help of instructors from Adventure Incubator and the Field Studies Council, students were split up into groups to walk along the river’s course and assess specific points suitable for data collection. Students were looking for erosional features along the river banks as well as areas that could be tested. We measured the velocity of the water, the width and depth of the channel, the wetted perimeter and studied the roundness and size of the river’s bed load to gather as much data as possible for the investigation. Our students spent time sketching the geographical features as well as taking photographs to support their study. We also came across a plethora of wildlife on the day from pheasants, rabbits, fish and even nesting bird eggs. As well as this, the countryside was full of spring plants from bluebells to wild garlic to be smelt! A good time was had by all from both instructors to students and it was a very memorable day.

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