Year 10 Careers Event

On Friday 10 July the school arranged a Careers Convention specifically designed to support students as they embark on their journey in making informed career choices.

A Careers market place was organised for Year 10 students from 9.15 am to 12.00 noon, which took place in the school hall.  Pupils had the opportunity to gather information, speak to employers and representatives from educational institutions to help them consolidate possible future goals and what is required to achieve them.  Exhibitors attending were from a range of higher and further education establishments, vocational opportunities, apprenticeships, public service sectors, professional fields and much more.

This was a fabulous opportunity to meet and access information from the experts and we were keen to encourage our year 10 students to embrace this experience before taking their next steps to future success.

 “Very enjoyable event. Polite, well mannered students who knew what to ask and were looking at all options for their fututes. The refreshments were superb, especially the samosas.” 

– Peter Cotterill, Schools Co-ordinater, Myerscough College

“Very well organised, a lot of attraction from the girls. Layout of the hall was very good. Received many enquiries. The food was very good (especially the samosas!)

– Sajeda Haji, Community Liason Officer and Swrajit Sarkar, Lecturer UCLan

“Very well organised morning. I have been very busy, the girls were very enthusiastic and asked lots of questions. They all had excellent questions and were very polite. A great Experience.”

– Amy Sigley, Senior Schools’ Liaison and Marketing Officer, Newman College

“Well organised event, students seemed interested in finding out information about University and A-levels”Dr M Hadi

“Enjoyable day, enjoyed meeting enthusiastic interesting young ladies who want to make a differencen to their communities and for themselves. Was a pleasure to spend time with them and to meet their personalities.”M Khan, Lancs Constabulary

“Your organisation and enthusiasm for your pupils ensured a successful morning for them. They were such good, humble yet spirited and kind young women. I had a lovely time talking with them.”

S Matadar, Solicitor

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