World of Work Day

On Wednesday 11 November the school planned a World of Work Day which was specifically designed to support students on their journey to making informed career choices.

On this day our school hall was transformed into a Careers Market Place for Year 10 students from 9.00am to 3.00pm.  Students had the opportunity to take part in a range of activities led by a range of professionals from: Lancashire NHS, Sainsbury’s, Premier Inn, Smart Dental, Lancashire Constabulary and many more.

This was a fabulous opportunity to meet and access information from the experts and we were keen to encourage our year 10 students to embrace this experience before taking their next steps to future success. The Year 10’s found the event to be highly useful and informative and found that their knowledge on careers and the world of work had broadened after the event.

“The event was planned well and the timings of the activities were good. Students were well behaved and took part willingly” – Jackie Highman, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS

“Well organised event and the hospitality of the school was excellent. Student behaviour was exemplary and all the girls were well mannered.” – Michael Bilsbrough, Busy Bees

“Very well organised. Groups were of the right size as well as the set timings. Pupils showed interest and were well behaved. The staff were also lovely and the girls were very attentive and polite” – Christie Green, Barclays

“It was great to see several different organisations promoting the work they do. Students behaved exceptionally well during the workshops. They also showed interest in the roles within the police.” –  Zahid Dudhia, Lancashire Constabulary

“We have found the event to be very well organised and time tabled. We enjoyed the fact that there was a lot of room to work and staff were very helpful and friendly.” – Samantha Crapnell and Carla Jenkinson, Forbes Solicitor

“Well organised event and good range of companies/occupations attended.” – Steve Whitehead, Westinghouse, Springfield

“Well organised event with a lovely school and lovely students.” – Sarah Holland and Lynne Tasher, Sainsburys


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