Year 8 Outdoor Education

Pupils are encouraged to walk/hike as part of improving fitness. Year 8’s visit Ingleton waterfalls each year to experience a moderate level walk which would help them to understand the different ways of developing fitness. Our year 8 pupils have written below about their Ingleton experience.

On Wednesday 11th July the year 8’s were enlightened by an exclusive opportunity to witness the beauty of Ingleton waterfalls whilst walking on this trail. Walking for 4.5miles resulted in a need of perseverance and teamwork. We were surrounded by amazing scenery, beautiful waterfalls and fantastic views from the top. We thoroughly enjoyed this difficult but rewarding walk! Some of us are already looking at visiting other challenging places where we can walk and improve our fitness further. Thank you for organising this trip.

Pupils get an opportunity to participate in many activities such as Open Canoes, Archery and Rock Climbing. During the open canoes many of them can get wet because they either capsize or have an opportunity to jumpin the lake for fun! Archery is also a good experience as talented pupils can either hit the ‘bullseye’ or shoot the area as close to it as possible. In Rock climbing many pupils are able to reach the top of the wall through climbing the coloured holds. It takes a lot of teamwork and determination to finish the activities.  This outdoor activity day helps pupils develop great teamwork, resilience and self-confidence.

Pupils get an opportunity to take part in curriculum swimming at the local leisure centre. The swimming lessons cater for all ability swimmers – from beginners to the confident and experience swimmers. Through the exclusive use of the pool all our pupils develop self-confidence through encouragement and praise.