Year 7 Outdoor Education

The Healthy schools Sports Initiative takes place at the University of Lancashire Sports Arena. Taking part in different sports and working as part of a team is at the core on these activities. The pupils have a chance to take part in a sports carousel, which includes: Cricket, Football, Frisbee, Team building games and Orienteering on this non-competitive Sports day. The pupils are supported in their activities by the skilled University Sports students who provide exciting active opportunities for the pupils.

The Year 7 pupils get an opportunity to take part in an overnight residential at one of the Lancashire Outdoor Education sites. Our Pupils have given an account of what they experienced at the Residential.

Tower wood is great, It was a brilliant experience. The experience gave us the belief and the courage that we can do anything.  The activities we did were: gyhll scrambling, hiking up a mountain (Gummers How) and seeing the beautiful views of the lake district and the obstacle course. The instructors were very friendly and there was a lot of safety precautions – Fatimah 12

For me, Tower wood was an amazing experience. The range of activities were amazing. Everyone there were really nice, friendly and approachable. The food was scrumptious and all the activities were fun – Zoyah 12

Tower wood can be summed up in a few words: fantastic, fun, memorable, safe, amazing, enjoyable and magnificent. Thank you to Mrs Kalang and all the teachers for taking us – Amena 12

I really enjoyed Tower wood! There were lots of fun activities to do, when I got there I was nervous but excited. It felt strange staying the night with my school friends. The first activity we did was Ghyll scrambling. I had lots of fun but I kept falling into the water, that was my most favourite activity yet! The next day we did lots of teamwork activities, some were challenging but all were fun. We had to do an obstacle course holding a heavy tyre, if we dropped it we had to start all over again. I did the ‘Leap of Faith’ which was very nerve wracking but it was worth it! I really enjoyed the trip and would give this a rating of 5 stars! Maariyah Dedat – year 7

Terrific Towerwood! We took part in lots of different activities, read more to find out what we got up to:
Ghyll Scrambling- On day 1, my group went to Stickle Ghyll where we scrambled upstream. It was a challenge as we had to climb up rocks and boulders and in some places little waterfalls. At first I was really nervous as the water was really cold but as climbed up I became more confident with the climb. Ghyll scrambling was one of my best experiences at Towerwood.
Hiking – The next day we woke up nice and early, we made our sandwiches and we wore some hiking boots and walked up towards Moor how. We climbed up and each point we stopped we were mesmerised by the scenic views of the lake and the surrounding fields. When we reached the highest point of the hill, we felt like we climbed mount Everest.
Leap of Faith – We did this activity on the last day, we helped each other by encouraging one other to climb this terrifying shaking wooden pole. We all attempted to reach the target for which we had to jump to do this. We loved it and would love to go back.

Raeesah Kazi

Each year the Year 7’s get an opportunity to visit Chill Factor’e for their end of Year trip. On this excursion they get a chance to experience an introductory ski lesson where they are taught the basic skills from balance to posture and controlling speed on the indoor ski slope. Pupils also get an opportunity to try out tubing, sledging and snow slides on the snow park and climbing on the indoor wall.

Pupils get an opportunity to take part in curriculum swimming at the local leisure centre. The swimming lessons cater for all ability swimmers – from beginners to the confident and experience swimmers. Through the exclusive use of the pool all our pupils develop self-confidence through encouragement and praise.