Spirituality 2021

What have we been up to this academic year? 

We have introduced a Spirituality Newsletter named “Jewels of Piety”. Each weeks newsletter will be focused on a different topic. The newsletter will include activities and opportunities to gain achievement points. You can find the latest weekly newsletter here.

Hajj 1442 Competitions:

We held 3 competitions to commemorate and appreciate the approaching days of Hajj. 

See https://pmghs.com/hajj-1442-competitions/ for more information.


This year the girls have been studying the ‘Series of the prophets’ (In order, from Adam (AS) to Salih (AS)). The aim was to focus on the lessons learnt from their (AS) lives. The girls have demonstrated great enthusiasm and tried their best to emulate the qualities of these prophets. ‘Kahoot’ has also been used as a tool to test pupil knowledge and to create some healthy competition within year groups and to consolidate their learning. 

Ramadhan Halaqah’s

Week 1 – Importance of fasting (A few rulings)

A Ramadhan special Halaqah was presented which focused ‘on the importance of fasting and the basic rulings when fasting’.

Week 2 – Prophet series 

Week 3 – Kahoot Quiz on the prophets studied from Adam (AS) to Hud (AS)

Week 4 – Importance of last 10 days of Ramadhan (Laylatul Qadr)

Keep scrolling down the page to see what we did over the holy month of Ramadhan in more detail.


Assemblies continue to take place with assembly topics which focus on our Islamic Ethos and are linked with fundamental British values such as tolerance, respect, liberty, fairness and rule of law.

This half term in our assemblies’ form classes have covered various topics such as Discrimination and Black Lives Matter. Speeches and nasheeds have been delivered, with Quraan and Ahadeeth to emphasis the importance of diversity and equality in Islam.

More information on spirituality across the school can be found at https://pmghs.com/spirituality/

Eid Gifts Project:

As we approached the end of Ramadhan, we bid farewell to this sacred month. We thank Allah for blessing us with the month of the Qura’an. We pray the Almighty accepts our fasts, our efforts, our Ibaadah and Taraweeh. May the love of the Qura’an continue to thrive within us and may we be granted a greater love and understanding of the Qura’an.

We thank all our staff, parents and pupils for their continuous support and efforts throughout Ramadhan.

The total collected towards our Eid gifts project for the Palestinian orphans was just over £5400 Mashallah. 

Take a look at the Gallery below and don’t forget to watch the video too. It will definitely bring a smile on your face!

Eid Gifts project for the Palestinian orphans:

As we once again welcomed Ramadhan 2021, PMGHS as a school did not forget the millions of Muslims across the Ummah who live in poverty and hunger. This Ramadhan, as a charity, we were proud to work alongside Benefit Mankind to support their projects. Alhamdullilah as a school we raised an incredible £5000, to support the Food Aid Project to fight hunger and malnutrition; by delivering food parcels to vulnerable families in the blessed land of Palestine. We pray the Almighty accepts our humble efforts and allows us to continue nurture a spirit of generosity in our pupils and for assisting the worldwide Ummah.


The Food Aid Project

Ramadhan the month of

Key Information:

Below you will find all the key updates in relation to Ramadhan at School.

My Ramadhan Checklist:
Quran Recitation
Taraweeh Prayers
Give in Charity
Be Kind
Stay away from Sin/Bad Manners

This Ramadhan we hosted a…

Ramadhan Quran Challenge

Who can recite the most Quran throughout this month?

  • This challenge will take place within form classes.
  • You will be competing with the girls in your form to see who can recite the most Quran in this month.
  • We will be checking up on this every 10 days, whoever has prayed the most within the 10 days will receive a small prize.
  • At the end of Ramadhan there will be One winner from each year group, who will receive the FINAL PRIZE.

Competition Time: 

  • Each form classroom is going to be decorated for the holy month of Ramadhan.
  • Your Task: Over the holidays your project is to create or bring in one thing to put in your classroom as decoration e.g this could be something dangling from the ceiling, a model, poster or banners etc.
  • The classrooms will be inspected, and there will be a winning form from each year group.
  • Prizes will be given to the winners!
  • Start getting Creative!



Once a year, we empty ourselves out.

Like an old pencil case, we shake out

The old shavings, broken promise pencil nibs

And general lint of anger, frustration.

We give our souls a spring clean.

Afterwards, we feel as empty as space

The lack of cluttering day-to-day problems

Making the inside of us feel evermore weightless,


We make space for forgiveness, shiny and new

And when we fill again, with love and remembrance

Warm as fresh bread,

We inhale gratitude. We are thankful for the space

For the time to spring clean, for the time to turn the mirror on ourselves

For the chance to remember what will never come, and to whom.

For yet another chance to polish ourselves, buffing out the too-wrong dents

That we’ve made.

Ready to face what comes with smiling grace

To embrace the unknown clean, like a fresh linen sheet.

To breath a sigh of relief.

Ramadan Mubarak!

by Mrs Latham.

Winners Wrap Up Assembly:

Iftaar Meal

Our school hosted an Iftaar meal on Fri 7th May 2021 8.15pm - 9.45pm for Year 11 pupils and staff. This was a great opportunity for Year 11 pupils and staff to partake in Iftaar.

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