February Half Term Intervention Timetable:

  AM Session (9am-12pm) PM Session (12pm-3pm)
Monday 17th February English (11A, DAE, QIM Library) Maths (11B only, REP, room 16)
  English (11B, AIA, room 3)  
  English (11C, STL, room 10)  
  English (11D, MIC, room 4)  
Tuesday 18th February Science all day for all pupils. SAA, MEP, AFA, WAY & RIY in the science building.

9.30am – 3pm

Wednesday 19th February 11X Geography (GEH, room 12) 11Y Geography (GEH, room 12)
  Textiles (SUS, DT room) Textiles (SUS, DT room)
Friday 21st February   Creative i-Media (WMI, ICT Room)


At Preston Muslim Girls High School, we believe in giving each of our learners an opportunity to experience success and offer a personalised programme based upon their needs. We aim to provide our learners with a stimulating, motivating and challenging learning environment, and we achieve this through carefully tailored intervention sessions which are held at lunch times, after school and weekends.

At Key Stage 3, varied intervention programmes, also known as “Fun Friday” have been developed to cater the needs of identified students who need extra support to boost their ability, confidence as well as self-esteem which is invaluable throughout their time at school and beyond.

Year 7

Follows a process of early assessment of pupils who are identified and would benefit from additional support in English and Maths so that they may achieve their potential and more in the forthcoming year.

Our intervention is targeted at helping students to build their self-esteem and independence in key subject areas. This helps to boost their ability and confidence which is invaluable within a secondary school environment.

Year 7 take part in varied activities such as sport, Drama ,Art, Cooking and Nasheeds to enhance their skills and knowledge. This takes place in a very caring and nurturing environment. The activities students partake in allows them to build their confidence through team building activities and make new friends. There is also a greater emphasis to work on their social skills.

Furthermore, elements of Literacy and Numeracy are introduced through fun activities and at the same time spirituality is cultivated effectively.

Year 8

In Year 8, selected pupils who would benefit from additional support in English and Maths are identified so that they may achieve their potential. They are also given the opportunity to learn new skills and have fun whilst doing so. The activities that they take part in have a various range such as cooking, sport, photography, Art and science challenges.

Within these sessions, pupils are given the opportunity to work individually and as a team to build their confidence, self-esteem and resilience.

The idea behind these sessions is to embed within the pupils to free themselves of the ‘can’t do’ attitude and introduce into their vocabulary a new mantra of ‘I can do and I will try.”

Through these sessions, we would like the pupils to discover that they are capable and talented, therefore can do more than they think they are capable of.

Year 9

Year 9 intervention sessions are developed to allow pupil progression towards the preparation for GCSE. With this in mind, a small cohort who would benefit is identified so they may partake in tailored weekly intervention sessions.

The programme has been developed with particular students in mind and aims to build their self-esteem and independence in key areas. This further allows to boost their ability and confidence which is invaluable when approaching GCSE and beyond. Hence, allowing students to acquire the skills and knowledge which will further build their resilience, enthusiasm and positivity towards future goals and aspirations.