PMGHS visit Downing Street and Houses Of Parliament

Up before 6.00am! Today was the day for our special trip to London. We met on the slope at Preston Railway Station, bleary-eyed but excited. In just over two hours we would be in the capital city. Our Virgin train arrived to whisk us away and with Mr Foster in the lead and we followed Mr Polli, Miss Panchbhaya, Mr Patel and Mrs Patel onto the train. We chatted and played i-Spy all the way to London as the miles sped by.

Euston Station was the biggest station I have ever seen; but there was no time to wait. We were off and down the escalators into the underground. If you have never travelled on the underground let me tell you it is a real experience – the noise, the heat and the crowds of people. Whatever you do, don’t stand on the left-hand side of the escalators or the other travellers will knock you out of the way as they all rush to catch their trains. We came out at Trafalgar Square and had our pictures taken at the bottom of Nelson’s Column. Then we made our way down Whitehall and through the police security barriers and into Downing Street. It is a funny feeling to be somewhere that you have seen on the television so many times. The Prime Minister was out and so we were able to spend a little time there, having our pictures taken outside the famous door and chatting to the friendly policeman. Then it was back out and our first sight of The Houses of Parliament as we made our way to Westminster tube station. Everywhere you look there are famous sights – Westminster Abby, The London Eye and Big Ben.

We emerged from the underground at The Natural History Museum. What a fantastic place! We could have spent all day there, there was so much to see and do. We split into two groups and made our way round the dinosaur exhibition. I especially enjoyed the life-sized, huge animatronic T Rex. We learnt a bit about volcanoes and got to experience what it would be like to be in real earthquake as the floor shook and everything around us moved and quaked – amazing!

Back onto the tube for our final call of the day – The Houses of Parliament! The home of government for more than a thousand years. What a historical and busy place it is. Just standing in the lobby we saw the Minister for Defence and Boris Johnson’s bother. Then we watched the Lords and then the Commons both debating something that will eventually turn into a law and an Act of Parliament. The day finished off with us having our own debate, chaired by XXXXXX, who was the Speaker of the House and who had to make sure the debate ran smoothly.

Time was marching on. It was rush hour and time for our final tube ride back to Euston to catch the 6.30pm train. We were given priority boarding, like film stars, and were shown to our seats before the rest of the public were allowed onto the train. We relaxed with something to eat as the train sped its way north. Our parents were there to meet us at the station. What a great day! Our feet may have ached but our heads were full of so many sights and sounds from such a special day.


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