PMGHS visit Downing Street

So the big day had finally arrived. An early start at Preston Railway Station before 7.00am and then we were off!

The train was sleek and modern with airline style seats. We shot through the countryside and three hours later were pulling into Euston Station, London. If I thought that the train had been full, the London Underground was a whole new experience. We were each given a ticket and had to make our own way through the automatic barriers. And then we went down, down almost to the centre of the earth. The Tube was noisy and hot, but quite a lot of fun as well. When we came out we were in Trafalgar Square staring at the world famous Nelson’s big benColumn. But we couldn’t hang around; we had an appointment at the Prime Minister’s residence, 10 Downing Street. Now, most people never get to see the famous black door and if you’ve ever seen the huge barriers and armed police outside Downing Street you will know why. But we had been given special permission to go through all of the security and have our picture taken beside the famous door – the very door that every Prime Minister for the last 100 years has gone through – Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher and David Cameron to name but a few. We were standing on the doorstep of history and it feltDSC03986very special.

After a view of Buckingham Palace and the Changing of the Guard we had some welcome rest in the park. A lovely picnic in the summer sunshine helped to revive our tired legs and gave us the energy to carry on. I t was time for our next appointment of the day – this time at the Houses of Parliament.

We had a fascinating walk through the busy streets of London during which time we saw so many famous sights: Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the London Eye. Our last appointment was a guided tour of the Houses of Parliament. This was absolutely amazing! I never thought that they would actually let us onto the floor of the House of Commons. I’ve seen the Prime Minister lots of times on the news and now here I was, standing in exactly the same place. The House of Lords was all red and the queen’s golden throne shone like a diamond. There was just so much to take in! When we had finished our tour we took part in a workshop session that helped us to understand how MPs give speeches and how they persuade others to agree with their point of view.

It was nearly time to leave. We just had time to make our back to Euston Station. I have never seen anything as crowded as the London Underground at rush hour on a Friday afternoon. We crammed ourselves onto a carriage with hundreds of other tired people. Mr Foster nearly didn’t get on when the automatic doors almost closed on top of him! It was busy and exciting in a way I have never experienced before – and finally we were there. We were all tired and hungry, so sitting on the train with something to eat was just what we needed. We dozed and chatted our way back to Preston, arriving back shortly before 10.00pm. What a fantastic day!