PMGHS Talent Day

It was an honour and a privilege to host our first ever PMGHS Talent Day finals on Tues 14 December. Pupils were given a platform to show their creativity, their confidence, their spirituality, and their ability to work together as a team. 

It was wonderful to see the excitement and the competitive spirit across the school. Mrs Ahmed described the judging as “extremely difficult” due to the high standard of performances delivered. Pupils were reminded that although this was a competition and to try their best, they should not forget the main purpose and the lesson learnt from the competition. Pupils were encouraged to keep up the competitive spirit but most of all to use the day as an opportunity to make a firm intention of taking away and implementing some of the valuable spirituality lessons derived from the performances. 

The competition consisted of 4 categories. 

Category 1 – Qiraat Category 

The Quraan is the primary source of our spiritual nourishment. 

The Almighty mentions in the Quraan: Surely, this Qur’aan guides to the way which is just perfect and gives glad tidings to the believers who do righteous deeds so that they shall have a great reward. 

A poet so eloquently describes the beauty of the Quraan through his words. 

Al Qur’aan Your words 

are so beautiful… 

You show me the truth 

You show me wisdom 

You lighten my heart 

You heal my pain 

You brighten my path 

You teach me life 

You teach me tenderness 

You teach me care 

You teach me love 

You teach me patience 

You teach me strength 

I just can’t name them all… 

You are my guide 

When I’m lost 

With you I know I’m safe 

Category 2 – Nasheeds 

When the Prophet (Pbuh) entered Madinah, everyone sang out of joy to welcome him with the famous poetry ‘Talaul badru alaynaa’…The white moon has rose over us… From the time of the Prophet (Pbuh) nasheeds have been used as one of best forms of expressing the love for the Prophet and the religion. 

Category 3 – A Speech on character  

On the character of the greatest man to grace the universe our beloved Prophet Muhammed (SAW) Hazrat Hassan ibn Thabit [Radiyal Laah Anhu] the famous sahabi who has the honour to also be the poet of the Prophet, beautifully describes the perfection of the Prophet in his poetry:  

I have never seen such a lovely personality like yours   

And no mother has given birth to such a wonderful personality   

You are created free from every fault 

You were created, as you wanted to be 

Such was the character and personality of our beloved prophet Muhammed that he was described as perfection.  His beautiful character summarises all the values that we at PMGHS stand for of Patience, Modesty, Gratitude, Humility and Sincerity.  

Category 4 – School Anthem   

An Anthem is a representation of the tradition, history and beliefs of a nation and its people. We at PMGHS together stand for Patience, Modesty, Gratitude, Humility & Sincerity.  


  • Category 1 – Qiraat 9M  
  • Category 2 – Nasheed 9M  
  • Category 3 – Speech 9P  
  • Category 4 – School Anthem 8P 

Well done! 

A huge well done to all the finalists for their wonderful performances. They prayed beautifully, they sang remarkably, and they spoke eloquently.  

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