Physical Education Towerwood Residential

The Year 9 pupils went to Towerwood on an overnight residential.  They participated in a variety of activities at the Lancashire County Council Outdoor Centre.  Below is an account of a pupil, Khadijah Patel, who took part in this Enriching experience.

“On Tuesday 5th May the tingle of excitement began. We were beginning our very first residential experience to Towerwood; everyone had huge smiles on their faces as we approached the entrance to Towerwood.

We started our activities by collecting our waterproofs as you can’t rely on the British weather. We then got into our teams and started our first activity Orienteering which consisted of punching some control markers using a map. At this point everyone was very excited as many had not done anything like this before. After this activity we were all starving so we all went to the dining hall and had our lunch.

After lunch we were split in to 2 groups, one group went Gill Scrambling and one group went Canoeing. We went Gill Scrambling first, It was a lot of fun; we had to walk through ice cold water with rocks in the stream and try to cross to the other side. This was a different and fun experience. This activity boosted our teamwork skills as we relied on others and worked as a team. When we got back to the centre everyone was starving in time for dinner which was onion pie with jacket potatoes, butter and beans. It was DELICIOUS!  We even had to participate in Household skills by washing our own plates!
The following day we had to wake up at 7.00am, take our duvet covers off, have a shower and make our sandwiches for our packed lunch. At 8.00am breakfast was served! We got croissants with pain au chocolate, fruit, tea, cereal, and juice. We got changed and went to our 3rd activity Canoeing. What can I say? It was amazing! First we had to join 3 canoes together with pieces of rope and wood. Finally we got into the canoe and got a chance to row out into Lake Windermere. In the middle of the lake our Canoes got stuck and whatever we did the boat just kept going the wrong way. With the help of our instructor we got back to where we started. What an experience!!! After this we were feeling very wet and cold so we got changed into some clean clothes and had some nice hot chocolate along with our lunches, and thereafter we undertook our journey back to school. We reached school at 3.00pm and the overall experience was so amazing!”


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