Pastoral Care

We at PMGHS understand that every learner is unique, learns in different ways and possesses different areas of strength. Pupils have different needs at different times. Pastoral care in our school supports pupils discover their talents and offers support based on individual needs.

Our Pastoral support strives to ensure that the academic, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of every student is met. We use multiple sources of information such as, assessments, national tests and parental and pupil meetings to understand their individual needs.

Pastoral System

The Pastoral staff are responsible for ensuring the welfare of students. They work closely with pupils, staff parents and carers to ensure a support structure is in place for every student.

Every student is assigned to a form led by a form tutor. The form tutor is the first point of contact.  They will make sure the Pastoral manager is regularly updated on any issues that are preventing pupils from learning.

The Pastoral team is made up of a Pastoral Manager and a Pastoral Coordinator for key stage 3 & 4. In addition to this an SLT member is assigned to each year group.

Pastoral role

  1. To meet regularly with pupils in their form, either singly or in groups, scheduled or unscheduled for the purpose of:
  1. Monitoring the academic progress of the pupils by discussing progress indicators (in line with the schools Intervention Protocol) /weekly reports / reports with them.
  2. Monitoring the social progress of their pupils
  3. Supporting the pupils with emotional needs and identifying unmet needs.
  4. Ensuring that achievements and successes are noted in their Pupil Planners and that these are discussed with the pupils.
  5. Encouraging pupils to assess themselves and their progress and to set themselves achievable goals both in and out of school (utilising pages in Pupil Planners).
  1. As a result of all the above the Form Tutor will be able to provide an informative yearly report which reflects clearly their knowledge of the pupils.
  2. Form Tutors will be responsible for Pastoral Care Officer’s request for circulating and collecting information for special reports on their pupils, when appropriate.
  3. Form Tutors will be expected to attend Pastoral meetings.
  4. By developing all these aspects of pastoral care the Form Tutor will be able: –
  1. To keep Pupil Support Team regularly informed as to successes and potential areas of concern amongst their pupils.
  2. To compile references or reports on individuals if requested to do so.
  3. To deliver PSHE during Form Time, on the occasions when there is no formal assembly.