Welcome to the Student Shurah page

The purpose of Student Shurah is to provide leadership in spirituality, to serve the student body, the school, and the community.

The Student Shurah at Preston Muslim Girls High School is the students’ voice in all aspects such as social, moral, cultural and spiritual. It encourages learners to respect British values and multiculturalism whilst upholding their identity as Muslims.

7P Mariyam Rashid
7M Saarah Valli
7G Madihah Polli
7H Aliyah Patel
8P Maariyah Secretary
8M Khadeejah Ahmed
8G Aliyah Patel
8H Aishah Iqbal Patel
9P Zaynab Dadhabhoy
9M Hannah Dedat
9G Raeesah Darsot
9H Asiya Patel
10P Aamina Master/Fatima Desai
10M Ruhab Syed
10G Rida Jameel
11P Fatima Chhadat
11M Mariya Patel
11G Gulshan Jamil