The Student Council at Preston Muslim Girls School has an important role to play at the school. The Student Council representatives works collaboratively with the Student Shura representatives, they are the voice of the school and together they work on projects.

The Student Council represent their form and bring forward any suggestions to meetings. The representations are elected by other members from their form. One member from each form is elected to represent the form.

7P Sara Kalang
7M Thanna Asmal
7G Hawwa Patel
7H Hanna Abdullah
8P Amena Patel
8M Zaynab Patel
8G Fatima Patel
8H Maariah Patel
9P Aaminah Umar
9M Amirah Patel
9G Zahra Munshi
9H Aisha Patel
10P Kawther Bodi
10M Yummna Patel
10G Zainab Patel
10H Fowziyah Adam
11P Faatimah Ally
11M Khadijah Vahaluwala
11G Mariam Miya


Assembly on Student leadership led by the Student Council and Student Shura.

Food Bank Collection

The Student Council helped to box and load everything into a van and two SUV 7 seater vehicles.


The Student Council and Student Shura are currently working on the garden.