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Careers Advisor and Local Enterprise Partner

At PMGHS, there is an independent Careers Advisor, provided by an external provider, who works alongside the CEIAG Coordinator. The CEIAG Coordinator meets regularly with the schools Local Enterprise Partners to develop a Careers Development Plan for the school. This is in line with Gatsby Good Careers Guidance.

Key Stage 3:

Year 7 Aims:

  • Develop understanding of personal interests and motivations
  • Commence engagement in understanding the world of work
  • Begin to understand what motivates us to pursue a job or career

Year 8 Aims:

  • Develop further understanding of their personal interests and motivations
  • Develop further their understanding of the world of work
  • Develop further understanding of what motivates us to pursue a job or career relating to their personal qualities to the world of work

Year 9 Aims:

  • Pupils will make better informed choices for their Options
  • Pupils will have exposure to a variety of career sectors
  • Pupils develop understanding of personal interests and motivations.

The options programme for Year 9 is designed to support pupils in their GCSE choices.

Key Stage 4 Aims:

  • Further develop understanding of personal interests and motivations.
  • Pupils will ready themselves for the world of work
  • Pupils will develop their understanding of employment skills.
  • Pupils will be better informed of their future career pathways.

All pupils have the opportunity to have a one-to-one careers discussion with the school Careers Advisor to inform individual Careers Plans.  A number of pupils every year will take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award and NCS.

Work Experience Provision

The aim of work experience is to provide an opportunity for all Year 10 pupils to learn in the work place; an experience that cannot be replicated in school. All pupils are offered the opportunity of one weeks’ work experience. Work experience will commence on Mon 30th March 2020.

The overall organisation of work experience is undertaken by the Careers team.

Pupils are encouraged to arrange their own work experience. Parents are informed and communicated with throughout the process by attending parent workshops and assemblies.

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