Parent Mail

PMGHS have now gone cashless and is using a On-Line Payments system (Parentmail) in partnership with the schools Cashless Catering System “Transact”.

Parentmail is a convenient way to top-up your child catering accounts online, rather than sending cash or cheques into school. Parentmail integrates with the school’s cashless catering system… Dinner money top-ups made online via Parentmail are automatically credited to pupil accounts on the school’s Cashless catering system.

Benefits offered to Parents via the electronic online system – Parentmail

  • Meet the demands of parents for an online school payment
  • Parents will no longer need to scramble for cash to pay for dinner money.
  • No need to carry cash preventing loss/theft
  • Assist in reducing crime amongst young people
  • Help reduce bullying and anti-social behavior
  • Streamlining the dinner money process helps schools manage parent debt and parents manage their finances better with instant tracking, balance reporting and notifications.
  • Parents can pay on the go with the handy iPhone app.
  • By paying dinner money, online parents can be secure in the knowledge that the money is paying for lunches rather than being spent on sweets, or chips on the way home!
  • Parentmail reduce instances and complaints by students and parents directed towards manual cash top-ups. Parentmail will provide a complete audit trail of your transactions and will remove the need to constantly provide cash to your child and will provide instant activity and balance reporting and a payment tracking facility.
  • No more forgetting to top up! Parents can be alerted when their child’s balance falls below a set amount Better use of school resources – Parentmail helps improve efficiency while achieving cost savings subsequently allowing schools to redirect resources to where it matters, demonstrating real benefits to the whole school community.


Please sign in to Parent Mail using and you will see a “payments” section. Click on this section and follow the simple instructions (See PMGHS quick guide below). This service is available on PC’s, iPads and Smartphones.


Parentmail App – Free Download

The Parentmail App brings all of this together for parents into one simple, convenient application. You can:

Connect to all your schools, clubs and nurseries that use Parentmail

  • View all your important messages in a single, uncluttered feed
  • Highlight important message to return to later
  • Configure notifications to suit your requirements
  • Have instant access to school messages, forms, or parents evening
  • Convenient way of instantly tracking and monitoring your child’s dinner money