Ofsted – Outstanding in every category

I am delighted to be able to inform you that Preston Muslim Girls High School has been rated as ‘Outstanding’ in every category by Ofsted – the highest accolade available to schools. The report praises the school for its “outstanding teaching” and “ambitious vision for the future”. It highlights many positive aspects of the school such as: “Governors and leaders are relentless in pursuing the very best for the pupils”; and, “Teachers have very high expectations of all pupils. They ensure that all groups of pupils make exceptional progress from their starting points.” In particular, inspectors were very impressed by our pupils and recognised that: “The conduct of the girls is exemplary. They are mature, courteous and polite.”
PMGHS has come a long way from its humble beginnings. We are grateful for the blessings of the Almighty, the sincerity of the school’s founders, the vision of its trustees and governors, the passion of its staff, the commitment of its parents, the hard work of its pupils and the support of the community, all of which is now bearing fruit. Following years of outstanding GCSE results, the school has now received the recognition I feel it deserves and rest assured, we will continue to improve.
The school continues to go from strength to strength in order to give the best possible learning experience to our pupils.
I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to all pupils, parents, staff, governors and the entire community for their dedicated support.

To view the Ofsted video please click on the following links: https://youtu.be/Ah6lR7bXqTs

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