Orphan sponsorship

At the beginning of each term, the Student Shura select a charity, and this year the first charity they chose to work with was the Sri Lanka Orphans Sponsorship. This is the third year that we have raised money for this project. The monies are still being collected and are coming in fast. Mrs Hadi’s Year 7 Form alone have raised a staggering £600!! M.A, a wonderful achievement that brings down the pleasure and blessings of the Almighty. Thanks to your hard work we have been able to increase the   number of orphans we support from 12 to 18. Well done to the whole school for working so hard on this fundraising.

The Holy Prophetﷺ throughout his life helped the needy and always instructed His followers to take care of their due necessitates. He advised the entire Muslim Ummah to be kind and affectionate to the disadvantaged persons. On one occasion, the Holy Prophet ﷺ said to His Wife, Hazrat A`isha (R.A):

“O Aisha, love the poor and let them come to you and Allah will draw you near to Himself.” (Bukhari)




Mr Foster completed a gruelling bike ride in aid of the mental health and learning disabilities charity Mencap. He raised over £400

I woke up early and cycled down to the start line. It was 8.00am on a Saturday morning and the weather was cold and drizzly. I wished I could have stayed in bed, but I had 60 miles, or 100 Km to cycle so there was no time for resting. Friends and family, staff and pupils had been incredibly generous and had sponsored me for over £400 so I had to do my best for them.

The route was from Salford, near Manchester to Blackpool Tower. To make things worse the route wasn’t going straight up the main roads but was going off road, up every muddy path, canal tow path and mountain trail that could be found. It was going to be tough going!

I set off and within the first ten minutes I was lost! The organisers had helpfully put pink arrows to mark the way, but I managed to miss one and found myself riding around in circles for a while. I knew I was saved when I came around a corner and found Superman cycling towards me, his red cape flowing in the wind. I figured that he must know the right way to go and so I followed him and got back on track. By now the drizzle had turned to rain and I was completely spattered with mud. I would certainly need a good bath when I got home!

The half way point was near Bamber Bridge where I gave myself 10 minutes off the bike for a snack and a drink. I was ready for them both. From there the route cut through Avenham Park and up to UCLAN Sports Centre before heading off into the countryside on the way to Blackpool. By now I had been cycling for over three hours, but I was still feeling quite fresh. Eventually Blackpool Tower came into view. I had managed to cycle 60 miles in 4 hours and 50 minutes and used up more than 3,000 calories. I was certainly ready for a warm bath, a good meal and a sit down!

Many thanks to everyone who sponsored me and sent me their best wishes!