National Poetry Day

On Thursday 07th October 2021 we celebrated National Poetry Day. 

To celebrate, YoungWriters are running a poetry competition for anyone aged 11-18.

  • Every entrant receives a bookmark.
  • YoungWriters award a certificate of merit for all young writers chosen for publication- that’s right, you could become a PUBLISHED POET! Your work could be chosen to be published in the EMPOWERED poetry anthology!
  • The 5 favourite published poets will each win £100 and a trophy!

(Winners will be chosen from entries received in the Autumn Term 2021.)

See Mrs Latham in FF5 (CB3 during form time) for an entry sheet, or print one from the YoungWriters website.

Use the planning side of the entry sheet to help you, and write your poem on the other side of the entry sheet.

Hand your sheet in to Mrs Latham by 14th October 2021

Good luck- be EMPOWERED!


A Poem by Mrs Latham on the theme of this year ‘Choices’:


We don’t need no maths books
Or past books, or this is what a good answer
Looks like 

We don’t need no essays or canteen trays 
Lunchtime stays or ‘education pays’ stuff 
No teachers teaching, preaching 
To us like we need it 

We don’t need no reading or pleading 
For help, we’re too cool
For that dealing, that teacher’s pet squealin’.

We need street cred, popularity instead 
Pop stars and rock stars 
Instagram pics, that’s what’s sick

We need the he said she said, going to bed 
At 4am, I’ll sleep when

I’m dead lark

We need good looks and right hooks 
Trends and time with friends 
You know, the stuff what matters

And a plaster, for when we scrape our knees

and cry

cos we’re upset 
When we find out

just how hard

life gets

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