Naming of School Buildings 

As the opening of our new school building marks an important development for the school we have also chosen to name, or rename, our other school buildings so that, in many ways, September marks a new chapter for PMGHS. Therefore, from September PMGHS will be made up of:

The Crescent Building 

The Crescent Building is the name of the new building. It reflects the school’s uniform and logo, which is also an emblem of Islam. The five colours represent the five pillars of Islam and the five-year groups in the school.

The Fatima al-Fihri Building 

The Fatima al-Fihri Building is the new name of the current Science Building. As the new building will contain a new science laboratory and science studio, the science department will move out of their current building. Fatimah al-Fihri is credited with founding the oldest existing, continually operating and first degree-awarding university in the world, and was a staunch champion of girls’ education.

Dr Khan Building 

Dr Khan Building is the new name for the Deepdale Mill Building. Dr Khan was one of the founders and trustees of the school. He was a loyal supporter of the school and a strong upholder of its ethos and values. Sadly, Dr Khan died in 2018, but we would like to remember his huge contribution to the school by naming the Deepdale Mill Building after him, as this is where the original school was based.  

Bait ul-Hikmah

Bait ul-Hikmah this is the name that is being given to the new humanities block, which will be a two-story block of six classrooms on the site that has previously been occupied by the Eric Wright builder’s cabins.

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