Monday 17 December – Enrichment Day

Dedicated to raise funds for the Lancashire Deaf Service

Key stage 3 – PMGHS Production

P1 – P4 – Pupils producing nasheeds and a play for the fundraising production

P5 – P6 –  Production in the Hall

Nasheed competition judges – Mrs Bokhari, Miss Shaikh and Miss A Desai

Play judges – Mrs Bettess and Mrs Latham

‘Stars’ of PMGHS performing their nasheeds and drama scripts on Enrichment Day. Well done to 7G, 8G and 9M as winners.

Key stage 4 – Mock court room P1- P4 – Mock court room Enrichment in the hall. Pupils experiencing a realistic court room with witnesses, lawyers and magistrates.

Pupils were given a chance to learn about the court cases and how they are presented in a court room. This was delivered by the Lancashire Magistrates Courts

‘Do the right thing’ workshop delivered by Lancashire Magistrates Courts. Pupils enjoyed taking part in a mock trial and giving their own verdict of ‘guilty or not guilty’






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