ME:WE Shared Values Enrichment Project

The second part of the ME:WE project has now taken place and was focused on the value of sharing and caring.

PMGHS were hosted to pupils from Hollins Technology College from Accrington on 7th May 2015.

It led to work into the community with the litter picking at Winckley Park; this not only empowered our young leaners the value for caring for the community around them, but our obligation to the world we live in. Their initiative then continued to help the homeless with a dry food drive to the Salvation Army in Preston. Which ME:WE had prepared pre- packed crates to give to the charity.  Learners from both schools were very humbled by the charity and the volunteers that work there on a daily basis.

For the girls of PMGHS, this only highlighted the good work the school does throughout the year in fundraising for the national and global charities that PMGHS continue to support.

The year nine students that have taken part in this pilot scheme have done a great job of emphasising the values of Islam which was the focal

point of the ME:WE programme.

Each student from both schools thoroughly enjoyed the initiative and in the process has learnt some very valuable life lessons.

The girls showed exemplary behaviour throughout the whole programme, demonstrating the key values our school values and ethos are based upon.

However, we could not have chosen to partner with a better institute than yours and could not have chosen to work with a more accommodating coordinator than you.  The participating pupils were brilliant Masha Allah.” (Waquas Ali- Managing Director-First Ethical)

3rd Phase

As the final stage arrived, the girls used this opportunity to share their experiences of this wonderful journey by recording their feelings, views and opinions on video cam. Messages were filmed, interviews were held and ideas shared for a final product outcome.

The ME:WE project was inspired by Muhammad Ali the boxer. All participants, of the programme recorded a short video message to Muhammad Ali.

The final summary of the whole programme will be documented and ready to be launched in September 2015.

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