ME:WE pilot enrichment project

Preston Muslim Girls School has been invited to take part in a ME:WE programme that has been introduced by 1st Ethical. It is a School Exchange (Pilot) Programme designed to Strengthen Shared Values in Modern Day Britain.

ME:WE is a creative project carried out over three weeks within schools from different regions and with variegated cultural, social, faith and ethnic backgrounds. The project enables pupils to reflect on their own personal identity and values (Me) as well as explore and understand others (We).

The programme creates safe and open spaces for pupils from different backgrounds to work together and identify “shared values” which can be adopted by all communities in order to make cohesive societies in modern day Britain.

The ME:WE initiative aims to work on establishing a ‘middle ground’ in order to demonstrate the scope of the values shared by faith and non-faith communities. By bridging the gap between theory and practice, this scheme will allow pupils to discuss, interrogate and demonstrate shared values in action.

A selection of year 9 girls went to the Howarth Art gallery in Accrington on Wednesday 15th 2015.

This was the start of a relationship with Hollins Technology College where the girls enjoyed sharing ‘Shared values’.

Hollins Technology College are expected to visit PMGHS soon.

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