Lego Programming

Some of our Year 8’s have been creating all sorts of different models in Computer Science using Lego as can be seen in the pictures. 

They can then program these models to do different things. There are so many benefits of Lego Programming along with allowing the pupils to gain a better understanding of Computing. 

1.) Nurtures Imagination and Creativity
Lego encourages to build different models with the same kit. This allows them to use their imagination and creativity.

2.) Introduces engineering
Lego encourages to build with more variety like gears and levers. It promotes engineering where students can take the various plastic pieces to construct robots, buggies, or devices, while ensuring they can physically “move” or “operate” together to successfully and repeatedly perform a task e.g. making sure none of the pieces fall when the robot moves from a spot to another. 

3.) Emphasizes teamwork
Building a robot is not easy to finish alone. We work in groups to accomplish robots and models together. Students can identify their strengths, as well as start to think about ideas like delegation and having a team leader. One student can be in charge of putting the pieces together, while another can be in charge of coding the robot.

4.) Teaches programming concepts
When building a robot, it is important students are aware that computers don’t and can’t think for themselves. All technology is based on code, no matter how complex it is. 

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