Friday 29 March – Year 11 GCSE History Chatsworth House Trip

Year 11 visit Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, to enrich their experience of the study of Britain’s stately homes as part of their History GCSE.

Sampling Stately Splendor

Year 11 History trip to Chatsworth House

Written by

Nabila Vahaluwala  11M

Husnaa Patel  11G

Muaziz Bibi 11G

Our trip to Chatsworth was a very educational and enjoyable experience. We were lucky with the weather, as once we reached Chatsworth we were greeted by the warm rays of the sun. The State house itself was phenomenal and we found out that the entrance gate was polished using gold, surprising us all.  One of the most interesting things that we learnt was that actual DNA was taken from the Duke of Devonshire and his family and from this, modern pieces of futuristic art were created. Each piece of this fantastic art work was a replica of their DNA strand and we were informed that when an overlay was placed over the art work it provided the observer with further insight into the character of that person (for example the DNA portrait of the Duke also showed his favourite walk around the grounds).

To make the most of our experience at Chatsworth, we were given a full tour of the state house and we were provided with audio guides making it an exciting experience.  The house itself was remarkable as there are over 30 rooms to explore – and we explored them all!  We learnt much about how aristocratic people lived (which helped us with the Literature texts we are studying in English). The history of the house itself goes back to the 16th century beginning with Elizabeth Talbot, the Countess of Shrewsbury – better known as Bess of Hardwick. We had a visual tour through history as  Chatsworth contains works of art that span 4,000 years, from ancient Roman and Egyptian sculpture, and masterpieces by Rembrandt to more modern day artists.

However, the most exciting part for us was the spectacular garden landscapes, where we could enjoy the weather and have a picnic with our friends. It was nice to see our teachers enjoy it too as we all had our ice creams whilst appreciating the view.  The view of the fountain, rocks and the maze created a very adventurous and memorable experience for us all. Overall we thank the teachers for organizing an unforgettable experience as the memories will stay with us forever.


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