Friday 15 March 2019 British Science week – A Triumph!


We would like to thank Miss Amin and the Science Department for organising and delivering such a smooth and spectacular British Science Week for staff, pupils, parents and the wider community. An overwhelming response of great family spirit and positivity was shared/received throughout the week. You make us all proud!

‘This level of excellence does not happen without a considerable amount of planning and preparation in advance and then hard-work and dedication during the week itself’

British Science Week – A beautiful Message from a member of the community regarding the Dhuha Morning Special Grannies Halqa


AH our grannies were given a real treat, courtesy of the science department as part of British Science Week. They invited our grannies to come over to their laboratories and get in to some explosive action with science experiments and by making their own perfume with essential oils.

One granny said, _”It takes me back to my youth.”_ Another added, _”I would not have dreamt we would ever do anything like this.” 

After a fun-filled science session, the grannies were treated with yummy delicacies and met by the headteacher and deputy head, who said a big thank you to the grannies.  No doubt when the school was first built many of our grannies and their families would have supported the school in many ways including financially and with their duas.

MA what great community spirit, respect and love. May the almighty bless our communities with such *enlightening* events again and again.


A Message to our Science teacher Miss Amin – From a member of staff from St Joseph’s Primary school who visited our school with their pupils

Thank you very much for inviting us to your wonderful school and running the activities with the children. The children had so much fun and have all been inspired to become Science teachers! The other teachers and I are appreciative of your hospitality. I have had many comments from parents already telling me that their child had a fantastic morning at your school. 

You are a fantastic science teacher, who did an amazing job of running the show and delivering the activities with such enthusiasm and excitement for our pupils. Our pupils have asked if you can come and teach them Science at our school! All your team did a fantastic job at running the event and every activity was thoroughly enjoyed.


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