Farewell Year 11’s Online Leavers Assembly

We held an online leavers assembly for our Year 11s on Thursday, July 16th 2.15pm. It was an unusual farewell for our Year 11s that will be forever remembered. We are sad that we have been denied a proper end to the term, but the assembly was a wonderful opportunity to look back and laugh and reminisce about their time at PMGHS. Mufti Javid began the assembly with a wider reflection on the current Covid situation and on our memories of them as a year group. Form tutors then spoke about their own form groups. Our Head and Deputy Head girl Fowziyah Adam and Kawthar Bodi both went down memory lane and shared their own recollections, from a pupil point of view. We would like to wish all our Year 11s great success in their future endeavours!


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