The National Children’s Deaf Society Roadshow

We were delighted to welcome the team from the NDCS to the school. They parked their distinctive pink NDCS Roadshow bus in the carpark and spent the day with us. The National Deaf Children’s Society is a British charity dedicated to providing support, information and advice for deaf children and young people, their families and professionals working with them. They have been working with schools and young people across the country since 1944.

Luke and Gemma delivered a fascinating assembly to all pupils and staff at the school. This was an engaging and thought-provoking exploration of the issues that face deaf people in our society and the issues that face deaf children in school. They succeeded in raising the awareness of everybody in the hall, and through greater understanding comes greater acceptance and tolerance, which is what we strive for as a school and as a society.

Then our pupils with a hearing impairment took part in a range of sessions in the Roadshow Bus where they learnt all about themselves as deaf children and explored their deaf identities.

They were able to have first-hand experience of some of the technologies that are available to help them, such as Streamers which connect with their hearing aids and allow them to listen to nasheeds and music. They saw technology that may help them in the home, such as the flashing doorbell which alerts a deaf person when there is someone at the door.

It was wonderful to see how this charity raises awareness for all and helps deaf children accept their own deafness but not it let be a barrier to being happy and successful at school.

Many thanks to Mrs Bangee for organising the visit and to Ms Etherington for working with the pupils and professionals in the Roadshow Bus throughout the day.


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