GCSE English (Language & Literature)

Subject Information

We aim to teach lessons which inspire girls to enjoy studying English and to achieve their potential in a challenging yet supportive environment. We are very proud to be one of the most outstanding departments in the school and with the highest GCSE English Language results in the whole of Lancashire. The majority of pupils will take two separate GCSE subjects: English Language and English Literature. We teach two exam boards, to ensure that each pupil has the best advantage of achieving their academic potential.

Why study English?

English is, of course, a vital subject in that the skills covered here underpin the whole curriculum. Moreover, any course of study beyond GCSE demands proof of achievement here, and literacy skills are necessary for the world of work. Perhaps more importantly, however, the study of English equips young people with the communication skills that allow them to present themselves confidently, encourages creativity in written and oral expression, and develops a love for literature that will last a lifetime. Every career requires the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening, and is therefore one of life’s essentials – with skills that are transferable in both personal and professional life.

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