GCSE Art and Design – AQA exam board

Subject Information

The Art and Design curriculum provides pupils with a range of creative, exciting and stimulating opportunities to explore their interests in Art and Design in ways that are relevant and developmental. Pupils will be introduced to a variety of experiences exploring a range of media, techniques and processes. Pupils who can demonstrate the skill and ability to work independently can develop their creativity through the application of other mediums such as paint, textiles or ceramics.

Why study Art and Design?

Pupils will develop the skills that they need to become confident, creative and innovative problem-solvers through artistic project based tasks. They will communicate their ideas using visual methods whilst learning practical skills. Pupils will be encouraged to continuously improve through the reflection and critical analysis of their own work and that of other professional artists and designers. Pupils will also be expected to develop skills in independent working, time management and organisation.

Studying Art and Design alongside other academic subjects will provide pupils with a broader range of skills for the future. The portfolio of evidence that they will produce can be used during interviews with prospective employers and colleges. Whilst you may have heard of the obvious careers within Art and Design such as Architect, Fine Artist, Graphic Designer, Fashion Designer, Sculptor or Gallery Assistant there are many other careers available for those who are able to envision, design and create beautiful things. For a list of over 150 different career paths within Art and Design you can visit the following website: www.studentartguide.com/ articles/art-careers-list.