Cambridge Nationals in Creative iMedia – OCR exam board

This qualification is designed for people who are looking to gain knowledge and skills of IT software applications to progress their learning in IT, or any subject where basic IT skills are required. The qualification covers core IT applications commonly used in many organisations around the world.

Completing this qualification will improve pupils’ understanding of key IT applications and teach them how to use the software efficiently. They will learn how to choose the right software application and use different techniques to get a job done. It enables pupils to use a computer confidently and effectively, and encourages problem-solving, creativity and communication.

The qualification provides pupils with skills to improve productivity through IT and enables them to review and adapt their ongoing use of IT tools and systems to make sure that activities are successful.

Structure of the qualification

Cambridge Nationals in Creative iMedia qualification consists of four mandatory units at Level 2:

  • Pre-production skills
  • Creating digital graphics
  • Creating a multipage website
  • Creating interactive multimedia products

Pupils must pass all four mandatory units to be awarded the qualification.