Computer Science – OCR exam board

Subject Information

Computer Science is relevant to the modern, changing world of computing; it’s designed to boost computing skills essential for 21st century. OCR’s GCSE (9–1) in Computer Science will encourage pupils to:

  • understand and apply the fundamental principles and concepts of Computer Science, including abstraction, decomposition, logic, algorithms, and data representation
  • analyse problems in computational terms through practical experience of solving such problems, including designing, writing and debugging programs
  • think creatively, innovatively, analytically, logically and critically
  • understand the components that make up digital systems, and how they communicate with one another and with other systems
  • understand the impacts of digital technology on the individual and wider society
  • apply mathematical skills relevant to Computer Science

Why study Computer Science?

The Computer Science qualification will be relevant to the modern and changing world of Computer Science. Computer Science is a practical subject where pupils can apply the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom to real-world problems. It is an intensely creative subject that involves invention and excitement. The Computer Science GCSE will value computational thinking, helping learners to develop the skills to solve problems and design systems that do so.

These skills will be the best preparation for pupils who want to go on to study Computer Science at AS or A Level and beyond. The qualification will also provide a good grounding for other subject areas that require computational thinking and analytical skills.