We at PMGHS ensure our pupils are given the opportunity to develop and learn through creativity in all areas of the curriculum rather than just through the delivery of a scheme of work.

Each curriculum area are expected to develop enrichment activities for learners

Enrichment within curriculum areas should be aimed at:

  • Increasing enjoyment within that curriculum area
  • Developing independent learning and challenging in gifted and talented students in the curriculum area
  • Developing the profile of the curriculum area or particular skills and themes within that area

Each curriculum area will develop their enrichment activity in the coming academic year.  Enrichment will include:

  • Development of clubs linked to one or more curriculum areas
  • Development of faculty-based trips and outdoor learning opportunities
  • Inviting external facilitators to further engage pupils with particular activities
  • Celebrating a particular ‘National Day’ or ‘World Week’ such as ‘Science week’ related to an issue of relevance to the curriculum area

The enrichment activities will be delivered through various activities and at different times:

  • Lessons to celebrate a particular ‘National Day’ or ‘World Week’ related to an issue of relevance to the curriculum area
  • After school clubs
  • Through half termly Enrichment days
  • Assemblies

Enrichment at our school may include:

  • Poetry, Drama or Book Clubs
  • Celebration of ‘World Book Day’ or ‘Poetry Week’ etc
  • Faculty trips to venues related to the curriculum, such as visting museums and galleries
  • Multi faith visits
  • Participation in ‘UKMT Maths Challenge’
  • Celebration of National Science and Engineering Week
  • Science Clubs
  • Identifying external facilitators to lead learning on different areas of the curriculum
  • An ‘Art Club’ to prepare material for display across the school buildings
  • Indoor and outdoor sports clubs
  • A ‘PMGHS Talent’ day where learners rehearse and exhibit artistic performances on a chosen theme
  • Celebration of ‘World Environment Day’, ‘Fair Trade Day’, ‘International Women’s Day’, ‘Citizenship Day’, Holocaust Memorial Day, St George’s Day and other related events
  • Development of inter-faith forums
  • Faculty trips to museums
  • Whole school ‘Sports Days’