We at PMGHS ensure our pupils are given the opportunity to develop and learn through creativity in all areas of the curriculum rather than just through the delivery of a scheme of work.

Each curriculum area are expected to develop enrichment activities for learners

Enrichment within curriculum areas should be aimed at:

  • Increasing enjoyment within that curriculum area
  • Developing independent learning and challenging in gifted and talented students in the curriculum area
  • Developing the profile of the curriculum area or particular skills and themes within that area

Each curriculum area will develop their enrichment activity in the coming academic year.  Enrichment will include:

  • Development of clubs linked to one or more curriculum areas
  • Development of faculty-based trips and outdoor learning opportunities
  • Inviting external facilitators to further engage pupils with particular activities
  • Celebrating a particular ‘National Day’ or ‘World Week’ such as ‘Science week’ related to an issue of relevance to the curriculum area

The enrichment activities will be delivered through various activities and at different times:

  • Lessons to celebrate a particular ‘National Day’ or ‘World Week’ related to an issue of relevance to the curriculum area
  • After school clubs
  • Through half termly Enrichment days
  • Assemblies

Enrichment at our school may include:

  • Poetry, Drama or Book Clubs
  • Celebration of ‘World Book Day’ or ‘Poetry Week’ etc
  • Faculty trips to venues related to the curriculum, such as visting museums and galleries
  • Multi faith visits
  • Participation in ‘UKMT Maths Challenge’
  • Celebration of National Science and Engineering Week
  • Science Clubs
  • Identifying external facilitators to lead learning on different areas of the curriculum
  • An ‘Art Club’ to prepare material for display across the school buildings
  • Indoor and outdoor sports clubs
  • A ‘PMGHS Talent’ day where learners rehearse and exhibit artistic performances on a chosen theme
  • Celebration of ‘World Environment Day’, ‘Fair Trade Day’, ‘International Women’s Day’, ‘Citizenship Day’, Holocaust Memorial Day, St George’s Day and other related events
  • Development of inter-faith forums
  • Faculty trips to museums
  • Whole school ‘Sports Days’

Enrichment Days

An extremely successful whole school STEM Enrichment day took place on Thursday 21 October 2021. Many external agencies joined the school to inspire our pupils into multiple career pathways. Below are some activities that took place with different year groups.

Year 7

  • Murderous
    Maths workshop
  • Ronit
    Kanwar design project

Year 8

  • Construction
    design project led by Willmott Dixon Construction

Year 9

  • Ronit
    Kanwar design project
  • Virtual
    insight half day with Gamma Telecoms

Year 10

  • Engineering
  • Elite
    Skills academy with the Army
  • The
    Priorities Game with the AS creatives

Year 11

Mock interviews with Lisa Greenhalgh, Hannah Thurston, Ahmed Rawat, Azhar Khan Pathan, Khalid Mahomed, Rebecca Wood, Michelle Waddington, George Lilley, Sgt Amanda Edwards, Mariyam Arif, PC Nikki Nabi, Layla Mahmood, Gill Hargreaves, Senior Clinical Advisor, Cath Robinson, Saeed Umar, Paul Ingham, Lucy Birchall, Aasiyah Chhadat, Dr Emma Deeks, Zakira Bhailok and Amanda Bacon.

Y11s also had a range of guest speakers from the STEM backgrounds this afternoon: Dr Jenny Gibson (clinical psychologist), Dr Anna Williams (Professor of Forensics), Aasiyah Chhadat (audiologist), Layla Mahmood (petroleum engineer), Afsana Patel (financial analyst) and Fatima AlHalwachi (network engineer).

An extended wellbeing enrichment activity takes place in preparation for pupils return to school.

All year groups will be engaging in an Enrichment day based around Spirituality. 

Outline of the day:

Form time – Surah Kahaf

P1 – Rabi ul Awwal – Prophet Muhammed ‘Our hero’

P2 – Quiz

P3 – Competition [Poem on the Prophet Muhammed)   

P4 – Launch of our next charity – Salvation Army

        Launch of Monday & Thursday Sunnah Fasts

We recognise that the wellbeing of our pupils is of paramount importance. The wellbeing enrichment day provided an excellent opportunity to put this into practice. Opportunities were given to pupils to experience learning outside of the curriculum. A range of stimulating and unique activities were put in place to enable them to not only acquire new knowledge and understanding, but also to develop skills and habits, which help broaden horizons and strengthen character.

The activities centred around ‘The five ways to wellbeing’:

Connect, Give, Take Notice, Keep Learning, Be Active 

The pupils embarked on learning about the beautiful journey about the beloved Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him). Pupils in each year group completed different tasks.

Year 7: Constructed a nasheed in praise of the beloved Prophet (may peace be upon him)

Year 8: Researched the ’99 names of the beloved prophet (may peace be upon him)’ and created visual posters linking the characteristic of his name to an event in his life.

Years 9 & 10: devised and wrote a poem about the Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him). Poetry was very popular at the time of the prophet, the Prophet has his poet Hasaan Ibn Thabit (RA).

All the year groups completed a timeline activity of the Prophet’s (may peace be upon him) life where they had to match the events and dates as they occurred in his lifetime.

Creativity, teamwork and spirituality was at the core on this Enrichment day where pupils had to link their learning and give examples, through research, about the events that occurred during Seerah.

A Seerah narrative play was watched by all pupils and staff. A few members of staff narrated the life of the beloved prophet (may peace be upon him) whilst some pupils played their part in acting out scenes to collaborate with the narrative. This play helped staff and pupils to understand the timeline of events that occurred in Seerah.  This educational and enlightening play was enjoyed by all.

The key focus of this enrichment day was to further improve pupils literacy and oracy skills through a variety of creative activities. The activities included: logistics behind planning a theme park, resolving a murder mystery case and developing a newsletter.  The annual ‘Spelling Bee’ competition also took place with the winner, of each year group, being awarded with a Kindle as their prize.

Our Year 10 pupils communication and oracy skills were further boosted through this external programme on enrichment day. Talk about Communication Plus provided pupils with practical opportunities to fine tune those skills learned in Talk about Communication and they had to put them to the test within group situations. The many skills that were learnt on this workshop were: Improving group talk; experiencing whole class debating; fine tuning negotiation techniques; developing listening skills; boosting oracy and confidence levels.

Our Talk the Talk enrichment day experience – by Aniesha Giash, Hafsah Khawaja, Faiza Desai and Humaira Hussain

Enrichment day at PMGHS was totally an incredible experience that helped us to build up our confidence in public speaking, we accomplished this with the help of four phenomenal tutors who were called Craig, Steve, Carl and Krista. Talk the talk are a company that go around schools to help children of all ages to help and encourage them to be confident in what they do. As a result, year 8 are now the most confident year group PMGHS have ever encountered.

We were each given a workbook and our tutor helped us to complete it. We also had short activities that helped us in our oracy skills. Our last activity was to make a two minute speech on a topic of our choice. There would be different sections we had to include for example through PEEP.  Position = state your opinion, Explain = why you think you have chosen this opinion, Expand = to make sure your point is made, Point = complete a conclusion and re-state your opinion.

This enriching experience was very entertaining and boosted our confidence.

Here are some comments from the pupils in our year:

Aliyah Akram ‘It really helped boost my confidence in public speaking’.

Aishah Iqbal Patel ‘It was really helpful because it told us how to deliver a speech and some tips for what to do if you forget what you’re saying and how to project your voice. He told us to always keep a water bottle with us so when we drink we can think about what to say and to always imagine a few rows behind the last row of people so everyone can hear us. Overall, he was a very nice man and helped us a lot’.

These fast-moving workshops supported the pupils to hone their communication skills for real-life situations.

These workshops were delivered by Mrs Panchbhaya, Mrs Holland and Mrs Patel. Mental health problems are experienced by up to one in four of the population. The workshops and activities focused on coping with stresses of daily life, positive self-esteem and working productively. Pupils found the workshop interesting and engaging.

‘Elite problem solving with the army’ by the Army jobs Preston and ‘bridge the gap’ by Prestons College activity workshops were delivered to Year 9 pupils on Enrichment day.

Sergeant Archer and Sergeant Arif delivered the army workshop which helped the pupils understand the career opportunities available in the army especially for young muslimahs! The workshop gave valuable insight to these career prospects.

Preston’s College ‘Bridge the gap’ activity helped pupils to enhance their problem solving skills. Leadership, co-operation whilst working as part of a team were key in the fun problem solving activities.

Year 10 and 11 participated in a ‘do the right thing’ workshop that was delivered by Lancashire Magistrates courts.  We were fortunate to have 3 magistrates who came in to educate the pupils on what goes on a magistrate court. The lead magistrate Alan Barker gave the pupils an insight on the different court cases that they deal with on a daily basis. Thereafter, they took part in a mock trial, where the outcome was decided by the pupils through all the evidence given by the defendant, prosecutor and witnesses. This outcome varied and they had valid reasons as to why they reached the decided verdict.

The Year 7, 8 and 9 took part in creating a Nasheed or a drama script relating it to the themes of Patience, tolerance, love for others what you love for yourself and being fortunate.  This enhanced their performance skills such as character development and story-telling through  drama and language skills through nasheeds.  The nominated nasheeds and drama scripts were performed in front of the whole school. The quality of these performance were excellent but there could only be one winner per year group.  Well done to 7G, 8G, and 9M as the year group winners!

This Enrichment day was organised around promoting the fundamental British values on respect, tolerance and cultural diversity in a multi-faith modern Britain. Our pupils visited many ‘places of worship’ giving them access to others faiths and beliefs and helping them to understand the lives of others.

Here are the faith visits that took part on the day:

Year 7 visit to the BAPS Swaminarayan Hindu Temple. The priest gave the pupils an insight on Hinduism and their practices. The pupils were also given an opportunity to ask questions. The feedback received from this temple was very positive: ‘the School we had was really good, it’s the best group we have had so far with regards to behaviour and the intelligent questions that they asked’.

Year 8 Visit to Guru Nanak Gurdhwara Sikh Temple. The speaker at this temple spoke about Sikhism and their festivals. The pupils even got a chance to witness a Sikh wedding and how they celebrate such a happy event. The guests were very generous and made sure the pupils and teachers didn’t leave until they had the refreshments that were provided by them.

Year 9 visit to St Johns Minster Church. The Minister at the Church was very engaging and kept the pupils interested throughout the talk that he delivered. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the visit with the tour of the church and the discussions they had taken part in.

On their return from these visits the pupils took part in faith quizzes and devising board games to ‘test their knowledge’.  They enjoyed an informative and wonderful day where they were given the opportunity to learn about other faiths and beliefs.

The tutor (Athlete Mentor): On the 5th of July 2018 we first met World Champion Inline skater and 10 X British Champion Jenna Downing.  Jenna spoke about her personal challenges in becoming a world champion skater.  It was her mother’s belief and sacrifices that got her to where she is today. Due to her continuous determination and her thirteen years of persistence she achieved her goal and finally received the title of world champion skater.  As time went on Jenna developed Multiple Sclerosis but that didn’t put her off – infact she fought harder and won more medals. Along with all these awards she graduated from the University of Sheffield with a degree in Law.

Session 1: It was through Jennas’ motivational session and fun activities that inspired us to develop our own coping strategies and plan to work smarter before our exams. Jenna showed the important breathing techniques in stressful situations, to exercise and eat healthy and why it is so important to organise ourselves better before our exams.

Session 2: Mindfulness, stress and visualisation was looked at in detail. We understood that stress affected our peak performance levels and we learnt about how we can reduce our stress levels to perform our best. Neuro-plasticity and how we can change our brain, visualisation and mindful relaxation helped us to imagine a successful outcome especially whilst preparing for our exams.

Session 3: in this session we looked at our environmental influences and how it affects our mood, sleep and memory. Reinforcing positive habits through changing our environment would create a happy outcome.  ‘Building trust in a team’ was our task for this session. This fun task showed that by relying on teamwork we could support each other even when the going gets tough!

Session 4: As the saying goes ‘save the best for last’. In this session we looked at how being grateful helps to release endorphins and serotonin to achieve a better outcome in life. ‘Fake it till you make it’ would help us to imitate confidence and a positive mindset through realising these qualities In our lives.

Jenna brought with her a whole set of inline skates in different sizes and our final task was to use visualisation, confidence and resilience whilst coming out of our comfort zone to skate in the Sports hall. This task was challenging and fun – it was great to watch everyone taking part through putting all they have learnt into practice in a practical session.

Tips for studying – what we learnt and now want to share with our readers:

  1. Turn off distractions.
  2. Make your environment comfortable.
  3. Get some water to drink.
  4. Prepare all your study materials.
  5. Use bright post-it notes and pen.
  6. Use mind maps and diagrams.
  7. Study in chunks, taking in regular beaks.
  8. Give yourself enough time.

Fair Play, Respect and teamwork were some of the themes for this terms Enrichment. The year 8 pupils enjoyed a football session that was delivered by UCLAN and Lancashire Football Association coaches. They introduced lots of different games that incorporated teamwork, cooperation, respect and fair play.

‘We thought that the football coaches had lots of fun and enjoyable activities. We particularly liked the games especially ‘the treasure chest’ – these all taught us about respecting others in the game. The coaches were very friendly and we also made improvements in our game of Football.’ Fatima Angraj, Asima Suleman (year 8).

The year 9 pupils embarked on a two day enrichment programme where they had to design and create buildings made out of cardboard only. These buildings were constructed according to their set themes. This project linked in very well, not only with the STEM initiatives, but also with SMSC strands of: teamwork and cooperation. The quality of the work was amazing and the judges had a difficult decision to make when choosing the winners.

PMGHS had their own business entrepreneurs who had to create a business initiative which would help them make a profit. Personalised T-shirts, mugs, phone covers and bath bombs were some of the brilliant ideas that the pupils developed. These products will now be sold one lunch time, in the hall, to all those who pre-ordered or want to buy on the day.

Pupils at PMGHS visited the Flipout trampoline park in December. This reward was given to the pupils, from the governing body, for their exceptional behaviour and hard work throughout the term.  All year groups visited Flipout at different times, with the pupils thoroughly enjoying their hour long activity.