Careers Enrichment Day Activities

Year 7 took part in the ‘iDEA’ badge which is a fun online platform for pupils to learn Digital, Enterprise and Employability skills. There are a series of online challenges that teach aspects of these topics. It is similar to the Duke of Edinburgh awards where there are bronze, silver and gold badges awards available depending on how many of the online challenges are completed. The challenges include coding, gaming, team working and other skills that pupils will learn to help with future employment opportunities.

Year 8 took part in the ‘Step into the NHS’ competition. This is an exciting competition for pupils in KS3, designed to help raise career aspirations and awareness of the breadth of 350 careers available in the NHS. Pupils were challenged to research and choose an NHS career that interests them. Once chosen, they created materials to promote it, starting with a job description to capture key responsibilities, along with any qualifications, skills and experience needed. This learning is then used to create a fun and lively job advert to appeal to their peers. Pupils can enter individually or in teams of up to four. This is a national competition where pupils could win a class trip and Amazon vouchers. 

Year 9 took part in the Energy Game – MegaWatt which has been designed by Curieus Games. This was a fun and exciting opportunity to help pupils learn about the Energy sector and sustainability.

Kieron Hersnip from the National Nuclear Laboratory Limited who is the Early Careers Advisor was joined by Leah Etheridge on Microsoft Teams.  She is one of their High Achieving Graduates, a female engineer and a Women in Nuclear Ambassador for a Q&A session with the Year 9s. They listened to a little overview about the industry and what they can offer in the sector.

Year 10 – Flight Lieutenant/Weapons Systems Operator- Rachael Collier from the Royal Air Force delivered a presentation and Q&A session through MT regarding different job opportunities & various career pathways within the RAF. Pupils also learned about the Labour markets and job opportunities within the local area.

Year 11 – Created their own CVs as well as their revision timetable for their upcoming mock exams. They also viewed online videos regarding college applications and courses available for FE.

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