Our Values

It has been an exciting and rewarding journey since we first established our school in 1989 operating from an old industrial unit with only basic amenities but with bags of enthusiasm, ambition, drive and determination.  Our vision was, and still remains, to provide an exceptional educational facility whilst at the same time developing the spiritual and social qualities of our pupils and helping them become valued members of the community through the guidance of Islam.

From those early days we have developed and grown and now we are proud to have moved into our brand new school premises located in Deepdale, close to Preston city centre with excellent links to public transport and other amenities.

The school itself has been built to incorporate the very best of modern educational technology and learning facilities, together with a number of essential attributes associated with our Islamic faith, such a richly carpeted corridors and prayer rooms where in winter months pupils can perform their Zohar Salah in a suitable environment.

Also in keeping with our progressive approach, at PMGHS we strongly believe in the value of E-learning and have invested heavily in creating a truly outstanding ICT suite.  In addition, our premises enjoy full Wi-Fi connectivity and all teaching rooms are equipped with the latest interactive projectors to promote efficient personalised learning.

We also have a newly refurbished and re-equipped science lab.

This modern building creates a light, bright and welcoming environment complete with all the latest facilities you would expect from one of the newest and most impressive school premises in the area.

At PMGHS we also strongly believe in extending the range of experiences beyond the school building itself and so we have developed, and further developing an extensive programme of off-site initiatives within the wider community.

We firmly believe that this broad-based extra-curricular programme, together with our Islamic foundations, helps girls develop into rounded, compassionate citizens every parents hope for their daughters to become.