Tuesday 26 March – Year 7 Parents Workshop on MFL Options

We are modifying our curriculum to include only one language choice from Year 8 onwards, rather than the three that are currently in place. We are asking pupils to make this choice in Year 7 is to bring the language options process into line with our broader GCSE Options starting from September of Year 8, and on to GCSE.

As pupils progress through high school, they begin to think about their future, and it is important that they have the best advice and guidance that we can provide regarding future study and career paths. In order to help with this decision about their studies, our Year 7 pupils have taken part in a special assembly outlining the choices available to them, and the factors influencing this decision. We have encouraged the pupils to think about the bigger picture, and about how this decision will impact on their choices at GCSE and beyond. We have also encouraged the girls to seek advice from many different sources before they make their final decision, as we want our pupils to make a well-informed choice.

A Parent Workshop is arranged to give parents an opportunity to ask any questions and raise any concerns/issues they may have.

This will take place at the Deepdale Mill Building on Tuesday 26th March 2019, 5:15pm – 5:45pm. The Workshop will consist of a short presentation and the opportunity for parents to ask any questions.

Please click here to view the Parent Workshop letter.

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