Holocaust Memorial day – 27th January 2020

Holocaust Memorial day was commemorated with a special assembly, pupils and staff together remembered the millions of people who were killed in the Holocaust.   Auschwitz by Charles N Whittaker The semiquaver chugging of the train on the track And the people on board who will never go back And the terror in the eyes […]

Time Capsule

It’s a Time capsule We will be burying a time capsule in the new school building. It will be opened in 2039, twenty years in the future, on the school’s 50th anniversary. Pupils are given an opportunity to contribute something to the time capsule. What we will be put in it? Photographs of pupils and […]

Year 8 Energy Quest Workshop

Years 8s learn the ubiquitous role of engineering in our everyday lives and have great fun designing, building and testing town electric cars. The Energiser Workshop is an interactive STEM workshop packed with hands-on activities, careers information and stories from real engineers working in energy.  Students will receive their own workbook to capture learning as […]

100% Attendance Treat

Pupils who achieved 100% attendance last term enjoy a treat of popcorn and candy Floss.

Blue themed fund raising for Rahma charity

Mrs Hanif’s form run a blue themed sweets stall to raise funds for Rahma charity. ‘He who has never denied himself for the sake of giving, has but glanced at the joys of charity’.